Do I have to have experience?

Nope. No experience is required to join a show camp or audition for our community theatre productions. We teach and train to each participant’s individual level as we go along so participants of all ability levels are welcome as well as challenged at their own pace.

What if our family is taking a vacation during the camp?

Our theatre camps take a big chunk out of the summer so we are flexible and understanding of family vacation plans. Our only sticky spot is that we require attendance during tech week (the week leading up to the performance weekend). There is a chance that those missing multiple days of rehearsal might not be able to be plugged back into whatever is taught during their absence but we will do our best.

How can I support Rosebud?

Check out our DONATIONS page and please give what you can. It costs a lost of money to put on theatrical camps and performances. Our scholarship program is in need to support as it is very important to us that we do not turn anyone away for lack of ability to pay the tuition.  We also need help finding business partners in the community to be our sponsors.

A big need that we currently have is for a storage unit.  One about the size of a one-car garage would be ideal to store our props, costumes, and set pieces.  The more we can build our own items to save and reuse, the fewer expenses we will have. If you could help us out by covering some or all of the monthly fees, we would greatly appreciate it!

We also need help finding corporate sponsorships. If you run a business or work for one that would like to help out, please let us know! We would be most grateful!

Are there any tuition discounts?

Yes. Each participant is eligible for one of two (not both) tuition discounts:

1) Early Bird discount if participant is registered by the date listed (usually 1 month prior to the camp’s start date)


2) Multi-Sibling discount where the second child pays a discounted rate when the first child pays at the full, non-discounted rate.

Is tuition assistance available?

Yes. Scholarships are available. When registering, please request a scholarship application packet.

Are the children in a safe environment/Do you do background checks?

Yes. All staff members are background checked to ensure a safe environment for the participants. Participants are released at the end of camp only when they are signed out by their parent/guardian.

Beyond tuition what must the family provide?

Participants are required to supply their own “base” costume, which consists of a solid color t-shirt and pants, shoes, make-up, character shoes or other dance shoes (if required). A good website to find reasonably priced dance and character shoes is www.discountdance.com

What is the casting process?

Pre-teen show camp: Fun, entertaining improvisation games are played and a poem is learned in lieu of an actual “audition” where the directors can get to know the kids’ personalities. The poem is emailed to registrants in advance of the first day of camp. The kids are usually cast by the end of the first day.

Teen show camp: Auditions are done as a "self-tape" on flipgrid. The deadline for submissions is before the first day of camp. Those who submit an audition video are eligible for lead and supporting roles. Those who do not submit a video will be cast in the ensemble. Teens can select their own musical theatre song and monologue (no more than 1 minute of each please). If they don’t have a song prepared, singing “Happy Birthday” works just fine. The show is cast by the first day of the camp.

Community Theatre: Auditions are held in which auditionees will prepare a brief monologue and/or song (depending on the production). Specific requirements will be posted with each audition posting. Currently, our December show holds its auditions in early-mid September.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are processed at 100% prior to the first day of the camp. No refunds are provided after the first day of the camp.

What are the benefits of Rosebud CTC?

The benefits of theatre are immeasurable. Some of the skills that are learned or sharpened are: increased language and speech abilities, increased communication and listening skills, increased understanding of math concepts through music, increased understanding of history and other cultures, increased abilities in the areas of theatre including acting, singing, dancing, including self-confidence. To sum it up, the skills developed through theatre benefit one in every aspect of life both now and in the future.

What about allergies/food allergies?

An emergency contact form is completed as part of our paperwork prior to the start of the camps. Food/environmental allergens is one of the questions. If a child has a severe allergy, we will do as much as we can to eliminate the allergen. i.e. for someone with a peanut allergy, we would create a peanut-free zone.

Are rehearsals open to parents?

Yes, the rehearsals are open to the parents. We welcome parents to see what the rehearsal process is all about. We ask that parents who choose to stay and watch remain quiet so as to not disturb the concentration and creation happening within the rehearsals.

Can parents take pictures or record the shows?

Photography during the shows is strictly prohibited. Taking pictures after the show is fine. Recording the show is strictly prohibited. Production shots are taken of each show and all of the photos are posted on our Facebook page for everyone to tag, share, and download at their leisure free of charge.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Email us at info@rosebudctc.org