Guys and Dolls

VIDEO Placement Audition: Submit by June 15th

WHO can submit an audition:  Students who are registered for the teen show camp Guys and Dolls.

HOW to submit your audition:  submit a flipgrid

WHAT to Record:

SLATE: Say your name and your age. Then state what your audition pieces are: character and show and/or song title.

MONOLOGUE: 30 seconds -1 minute of a monologue from a play/musical or movie

SONG: 30-60 seconds of a verse and chorus from a song that shows your personality. You may sing a cappella (voice only, no music) or with an accompaniment (live piano or recording). You are NOT ALLOWED to use the regular recording with the singer's vocals on it.

HOW to record your audition:

-Record your audition on your phone or computer using the flipgrid link. Be sure that you are zoomed in enough so that we can see from just above your head to your knees (this is called the 3/4 shot). This will ensure we can see your face & gestures clearly.

Holiday Show TBD