COVID-19 Summer Zoom Classes

The risk of coming together to rehearse and perform as we normally do in our summer musical theatre training camps is just too great this summer. My heart would be absolutely broken if any of our Rosebuddies became sick from us singing and dancing together during this global pandemic.


Now is the time to err on the side of caution. But don’t worry!  We CAN be together while being apart this summer – just in a different way. 


The wonderful solution to our COVID-19 summer is to join together on Zoom for some awesome classes. These classes are what you have asked for but unfortunately, we haven’t had the additional time during a normal year. But –  here’s the silver lining – now we do!


Theatre skills are life skills!



            Build a resume and repertoire

            Polish your audition performance

            What to wear

            How to get rid of the jitters


TECHNICAL THEATRE: Learn how to design some of the most amazing technical aspects of theatre!

            SET DESIGN:

            LIGHT DESIGN:

            COSTUME DESIGN:

            PROPS DESIGN:

            MAKE-UP DESIGN:



            Learn some Broadway style choreography to some of your favorite showtunes! Not only is it awesomely FUN, it’s also great exercise!  Stay healthy at home while dancing up a storm!  Styles included will be: ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and more!



            We’ll work on songs from musical theatre to present an online showcase at the end.



            Learn the basic techniques of working in film. You’ll also work on a scene from a movie to present with a partner.



            Learn the basics of voiceover technique.



            Learn how to create and manipulate puppets. Write and record your own puppetry skit.



            Learn how to draft a script and cast your peers to read it for you to go through the editing process and end up with a final draft. Your final drafts will be read live as a staged reading to be recorded and broadcast to the public.