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A Christmas Carol

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What audiences said about Inspecting Carol
"Laughing so hard! awesome production... ScroooooOOOooooOOOoooge!!!" - Bruce H.

"It's awesome...." - Rhosecoe C.

"We had real tears in our eyes we were laughing so hard! Holly YOU were amazing along with you incredible cast and crew." - Carl B.

"Jason was hilarious! He stole the show" - Tedd C.

"The show was fantastic! All of you were wonderful. We really enjoyed ourselves." - Craig C.
"Tears from laughing so hard. Terrific show with fantastic cast and crew. Am already looking forward to what you will be doing next year, and will be making the 1800 mile trip again to see the Rosebud Community Theatre production." - Sondra B.
Thank you to 4Culture & the Federal Way Arts Commission for their generous support!



Summer 2012 workshop photo:
4-7 year old camp RAFFI TAFFI

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A Christmas Carol montage

Daniel Wolf as The Narrator (Charles Dickens)
Madison Hagan as Tiny Tim

A little about what Theatre does for us: We are, by nature, social beings. Theatre offers us opportunities to explore these interpersonal relationships in ways that might not be possible in real life.  The creativity of imagining “what if” in any given circumstance gives us so many possible outcomes. In Theatre, we get to play with these outcomes to help create a scene, which is just one piece of the puzzle we are working on.  Other pieces are technical elements such as costuming, lighting, sound, music, songs, and choreography.  But in order for the technical elements to be worth it or believable, we must have the basics first. All these things come together through the power of imagination and commitment.

Learning the fun and exciting aspects of Theatre can actually make us better human beings.  We listen more because our reaction depends upon what the other person says or does.  In order for us to “get it”, we must be paying attention. That skill is a life-saver when it comes to every day life.  Think about it, have you ever been caught in class or at home not paying attention and someone calls you on it?  Pretty embarrassing, huh?  When we learn how to pay attention and to truly listen to what is being said rather than what we think is being said, we become better friends, children, siblings, etc. Listening to someone and responding honestly shows that we care. We all need people to care about us. And what a great way to get someone to care about you by you caring about them.


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